Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance

Never worry about your yard again! Our maintenance programs will make sure that your lawn and landscaping are always well trimmed and looking good. A custom tailored lawn and landscape maintenance program for your home or business is thorough, affordable, and available throughout Memphis and surrounding areas.

Year Round Benefits

Worry Free Service

With a lawn maintenance program from Crawford Design Group, you can sit back and relax. We take care of your lawn year round, so you never have to worry about doing any maintenance on your yard.

Save Money

By signing a yearly contract with us, you will save time and money. A yearly package is a great way to save money, rather than paying per visit. The spring, summer, and fall are the most important times for maintenance, and they are included in our yearly contracts.

Correct Applications in the Correct Season

With year round services, you never have to remember what application goes with which season. Our professionals will correctly apply all of your scheduled treatments in a timely manner. Your lawn will look perfect all year without you having to break a sweat.


Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance Services in Memphis, TN


Bed Area Maintenance

Keeping up with your plants can sometimes be a hassle. That's where we come in. With our bed area maintenance program, we will trim and prune all plant material once per month during the growing season. Some plant material may require extra trimming and shaping during the growing seasons and will be maintained as needed. During the service, any dead plant material will be removed (with the exception of trees). If replacement material is needed a proposal will be provided for approval prior to installation. Undesirable plant material such as weeds will be removed during the service on an as-needed basis.

Mulch Application

One application of organic hardwood mulch is included in a yearly contract. The mulch will be applied to all applicable areas such as shrub beds and tree rings.

Leaf Removal

You've enjoyed your lush green grass all through Spring and Summer. Then fall hits, and the leaves start falling turning your yard from that lush green into a mismatched brown and yellow. That's why we offer our leaf removal service. Leaves that have fallen will be removed and taken off-site from all turf and bed areas four times in the Fall and Winter. Our staff will use a high-powered vacuum that is connected to our dump trucks which allow us to take the leaves off-site without leaving any bags, so you are left with a clean and beautiful yard. The leaves in some areas can even be mulched up to return nutrients to the soil. Entrances and common area curbs lines will also be blown on each visit to maintain a clean appearance after each service.

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Who We Serve

We offer all of these services to residential homes, commercial businesses, HOA, and condominiums. Each program is tailored to the specific site that we will be working on. The cost of the services will depend on what services we provide for the site. Having the yearly maintenance services is a great option because your home, business, etc. will look perfect year round.

Crawford Design Group

All of our maintenance programs are custom created with you in mind. If you want your lawn lush, green, and free of weeds, it’s best to call the experts. We look forward to working with you!

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