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Irrigation systems can save you money and time while protecting the envrionment. If you want the ability to nourish your garden and greenery without having to drag a water hose around around your property each day, consider installing an irrigation system. Crawford Design Group provides expert installation services for irrigation systems.

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Professional Irrigation System Installation

When installing a new irrigation system, it's absolutely essential to contact a professional irrigation expert. Improperly installed irrigation systems are not only inefficient, they're expensive to repair and replace. Crawford Design Group will take great care in making sure your irrigation system is planned and installed right the first time. Our crew of professional irrigation installation technicians utilizes the best components in the industry to create a customized system that meets the landscaping needs of your home or business. We can create everything from simple lawn systems with just a few sprinkler heads to highly elaborate systems with a digital controller that allows for the setting of watering times and zones for automatic irrigation.


Types of Irrigation Systems

Different types of irrigation systems serve various purposes. The type of system you need will depend on your budget, your acreage or property size, the amount of greenery and grass you need to nourish, and more. Crawford Design Group will evaluate the irrigation needs of your home or business and provide a custom quote tailored to your specific system.

Sprinkler System

The most common type of irrigation for the standard household is the sprinkler system. Sprinklers are a type of localized irrigation system. They only irrigate the yard of one house and not an entire field. Sprinkler systems are among the simpler of the irrigation methods and due to that simplicity and their size is one of the more cost-effective methods. That's why it is the most common for the standard household.

Drip Irrigation

Another type of irrigation is drip irrigation. This method is even more localized than sprinklers as it is used to water individual plants. Drip irrigation is exactly what it sounds like. It drips water on or near the plant's roots, drop by drop. In this way, you can water that plant with as much water as it needs without using excess water.

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We're experts at designing and installing affordable, efficient irrigation systems that meet the needs of the types of plants, flowers, and grass common throughout the Memphis and surrounding areas. Each installation is unique and we'll be glad to work with you to develop a cost estimate and action plan. Just contact us with any questions you may have, or call 901-409-6319 to speak with one of our representatives to get started today!

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